Saturday, March 19, 2011

Plume (fallout) animation for the region - March 14 through March 20

Click here for link to full animation. I can't vouch for the scientific accuracy of this data, nor do i understand how it was modeled.

Like i mentioned in previous posts, i do observe weather patterns on satellite throughout the day and noticed the change in wind direction Friday night.  It was a sustained west/southwest flow for over 14 hours.  Current activity seems slightly more favorable.

The U.S. government is sending U-2 spyplanes, drones and other specialized aircraft to measure radiation levels in Japan and is seeing a disparity with the Japanese figures.

Up to a few days ago, there were a few people live-blogging their radiation readings in Tokyo.  These websites are no longer being updated, presumably because they have left the country.  Readings were reading normal backround up to the point when they went offline.

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