Thursday, May 5, 2011

Workers finally enter the reactor #1 building, mission accomplished

Team Tepco gets a small victory

"We have completed work to place eight ducts inside the facility for the air-cleaning system" is the highlight reel of the story.  A nice celebratory drinking session seems in order.  Read the story here

Los Angeles Times: "The radiation levels inside the reactor are roughly 10 to 40 millisieverts per hour, and work crews are trying to limit their exposure to around 3 millisieverts"

A serious question that remains is - How much of the exposure is coming from trapped radioactive air (which they plan to remove using the ducts) vs variable point sources (reactor core, large debris, etc)?  We'll soon find out.  Tepco is claiming that today's effort with installing the ventilation systems will reduce exposures by 95% within the unit 1 structure.

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