Monday, March 21, 2011

Japan radiation exposures as of March 21@9:31.38

Location:  Utsunomiya, about 70 miles southwest of Fukushima

These are live updated readings from a resident there who is in possession of a geiger counter.  Consider these honest readings, not values that are manipulated by the TEPCO or government agencies in any way. Sustained readings of above .057 micro sievert per hour present the risk of putting the general population over their recommended annual dose of 500 milli rem per year.

"2011-03-19 16:32: 42 micro-roentgens (~42 cpm). 0.436 micro-sieverts. Location Utsunomiya, near a rice field (tambo). Levels here are bit over 4x Tokyo's normal background levels. It's not dangerous, it might be normal for here. I don't have a baseline reading for this area for comparison. I wrapped my Geiger counter in plastic to avoid any contaminants getting in and affecting the reading."   

2011-03-19: 16:37: 54 micro-roentgen (~54 cpm). 0.540 micro-sieverts. Location: Utsunomiya, in a tree area. 5x Tokyo's normal levels. To my surprise, I'm finding higher background radiation amongst forests and thick growths of plants in this area. Seems it was deposited here on Tuesday this week because it wasn't like this last time I was here.

"2011-03-21 9:31: 38 micro-roentgens (~38 cpm). 0353 micro-sieverts. Location: Utsunomiya near rice fields (in Nishikawada). Weather: rain, light winds from north. About the same as I saw yesterday, but 4 micro-roentgens higher at this location. 4 100,000,000 millionths of an increase from yesterday so it's probably natural or perhaps there is a different dirt dissolved in the rain water with different chemical composition. I'm going to say: normal."

Normal backround for Tokyo is usually between .10-.14, so this reading is certainly elevated. It is safe to assume that discharges from the reactors are settling into the environment, though not at any alarming scale.

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