Sunday, October 16, 2011

Radioactive venting from the Fukushima reactors continues, and the proof is in the rainfall

Certain areas that were previously decontaminated read even higher after it rains

Here's a demoralizing article from The Canadian :

"The unease is especially strong in areas in and around mountains that must be repeatedly decontaminated, as every rainfall brings a new batch of radioactive substance-contaminated leaves and soil washing down from the hills. Since some 70 percent of Fukushima Prefecture is mountainous, such instances of regular recontamination could occur over a broad area, while the same effect has also been observed in some undeveloped areas of cities.

The central government is considering paying for any decontamination operations conducted by local governments at sites with radiation emissions of 1 millisievert per year or more, but residents in places faced with regular recontamination after every major rainfall are concerned the national government may not keep the cleanup funding flowing."

The newly completed canopy covering reactor 1 (shown above) will purportedly help Tepco decontaminate as much as 90% of all airborne radioactivity within the structure.

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