Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decontamination efforts still not dropping exposures in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward

Same story, different area. A radiation hot spot located 230 kilometers away from Fukushima daiichi remains persistently high (2.7 microSievert/hr) despite a round of decontamination. From Mainichi:

High levels of radiation detected in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Radiation of up to 2.7 microsieverts per hour has been detected in part of Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, local officials said Wednesday, asking residents to stay away from an affected area where the amount was much higher than those in its vicinity.

The high level of radiation was spotted on a part of the municipal road walkway in a residential area of Tsurumaki in the ward, some 230 kilometers away from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The figure was higher than 2.17 microsieverts per hour measured Wednesday at the village office in Iitate, Fukushima Prefecture, located 45 km from the Fukushima plant and designated as the government-set evacuation zone due to relatively high radiation despite being out of the no-go zone within a 20-km radius, according to a central government data.

The ward measured radiation at the spot on Oct. 4 after being alerted by a resident and decontaminated the area, but the radiation amount barely changed when it measured again last Thursday, the officials said.

As it falls on an elementary school zone, with a kindergarten and nursery school located nearby as well, the ward will promptly work out effective methods to decontaminate, they said.

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  1. Exposing one of the "Big Lies" about natural radiation.

    In some areas, Radon is not completely avoidable. Mostly it seeps into basements. Radon ventilation systems are very effective, they can reduce this amount at least 50% and maybe 80%, just depends how much air you want to move. So instead of a 37% of your exposure if you reduce that 80% it is 7.5%, plus 5% cosmic, and 3% soil, that is 15%. So by "so called 'natural sources" like med procedures, nuke medicine, those items are jacking up your doe like 400% from where is could be "naturally". the whole natural radiation lie, unravels as a complete joke... about half of us will contract cancer in our lives, and yet you can't prove that any one source caused it. Therefore by the "Scientific Method" radiation cannot be proven to be unsafe, therefore the PNPs Pro Nuke Pimps will state that "natural radiation" is proven to be safe, and therefore a little extra disaster radiation is OK too. Check the chart closely, the PNP lies immediately emerge.

    Chart here: