Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Geiger counter readings in Fukushima this morning


View this stream here

This video seems like it was recorded in a non-exclusion zone (okay to live) area to me.  Lots of cars are passing by in the background.  4.32 microSv/hr is a very high dose rate for the general population to be exposed to.  It comes out to 37.8 milliSv/yr.

20 milliSv/yr in air is supposedly the public limit in those areas, yes?


Recently it was Kanagawa, now it's Ibaraki with high Cesium levels in tea leaves

"The government said radioactive cesium of 894 becquerels per kilogram was detected in green tea leaves picked May 15 in Sakai and that of 570 becquerels per kilogram in Daigo in green tea leaves picked May 14, compared with the official interim limit of 500 becquerels per kilogram."

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