Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That May 8th venting was pretty uneventful, but...

This is kind of interesting

Amounts are still very, very low at 1/100,000 of a Becquerel per cubic meter.

Edit: More Tepco data to further support the theory:


  1. I am afraid that all publicly available information on radiation levels in Japan and across the northern hemisphere have been adjusted downward for public consumption.

    Our radnet (EPA) data here in Arizona have not been available--they're "under review"--for days. Same has been the case for Southern California. This under review phenomenon usually occurs when levels are considered too high to report publicly.

  2. Increasing iodine levels could mean recriticality, so late in the game. Unit 3 is acting up again probably.

    The fuel may have re-assembled in a critical configuration, not enough to burst, but enough to heat up again and produce/release more nasty stuff.

    FWIW, I'm ever more convinced that unit 3 went prompt critical when it went boom.