Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chart: Radiation levels from various sources


  1. hey. great page. I was wondering if you knew about the radiation levels in Philippines. Is it safe to go visit? I've read some of the mainstream articles from Pinas and they all agree that everyone should not worry and that pinas will not be affected by the meltdown at fukushima (according to the philippine government).

  2. Visit the PNRI page and check their updated readings. Levels are still in the nanosieverts, so no worries.

    Phl officials are making safety statements based on a lack of data and a desire for amortization. It is foolish for any government to guarantee absolute safety because nobody knows what will happen at Fukushima next. The situation seems stable for now but if things were to quickly deteriorate, there are measures that we in the Phl's would want to take immediately. The combination of three crucial factors would pose a severe threat to any country near Japan, namely, renewed venting and/or explosion, release of core isotopes (I, Sr and Cs in particular) and wind direction.

    Chances are there will be no problem going forward, but governments need to be both reassuring and guarded when addressing this matter with the public.