Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Water levels in the reactor 4 spent fuel pool are at safety limits, temperature still rising

As if adding 70 tons of water to a structure that is not in any way designed to be an aquarium or swimming pool isn't enough, today Tepco was forced to add over 3 times as much (210 tons) in an increasingly desperate effort to cool the sfp.  Temperatures hit 91 degrees on Friday, forcing an expanded volume injection into the increasingly fragile and earthquake sensitive unit.  It worked for a time - dropping temperature readings to 66C - but readings have quickly returned to the 80C range. 

Exposed fuel rods are also a major problem in units 1 through 3, as this article from Asahi.com points out.  Experts are doubting the long term viability of Tepco's plans, and with  tons of radioactive water leaking and unaccounted for, it is no surprise that seawater radioactivity around the Fukushima plant is about to hit the highest levels in recorded history.

Latest PNRI updates show detectable but negligible levels of various isotopes.  There is a ridiculous 9 day lag time from the date they collect samples and publish the readings, making their updates virtually useless.  If radioactivity is currently at dangerous levels, we won't know about it until it's too late.

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