Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much higher readings in parts of Tokyo vs a few days ago

According to a recent update from that facebook dude with his own personal geiger counter:

"2011-04-26 15:13: 0.716 micro-Sieverts/h. Location: Roof of Metropolis Office, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Conclusion: Elevated, but not dangerous."
His Digilert 100 unit is one of the most reliable geiger counters on the market. His readings are 18 times higher than Tokyo historical norms.  On a yearly basis, this would yield 630 millirem from local background alone.  People have to remember that the sources of these high readings are from inhalable and ingestible fission products - not from a temporary visit to a high mountaintop.  They should be avoided as much as reasonably possible, and every action should be taken to prevent these levels of exposure from reaching young children and infants.

It looks like the recent change in wind directions really are starting to manifest in higher readings.  I don't remember Tokyo reading this high since the initial massive discharge back in mid-March.  Something tells me Tepco has been losing the fight big time recently but is not disclosing accurate dispersion and exposure data.

It's time for everyone to start paying close attention to regional and global wind forecasts again.

Edit:  What happened to his in-air readings that were at about the same level?  I suddenly don't see that post.


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    Anyway. This was started by me quoting this post (just about verbatim - with a link) about radiation reaching Tokyo.

    Help Monitor Japan For Radiation

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