Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have you seen this yet? The highly respected International Journal of Health Services says that 14,000 U.S. deaths can be attributed to Fukushima radiation

Virtually every agency (including the EPA) attempted to assess the impact of radiation originating from Fukushima throughout the entire crisis. Now we have a peer-reviewed study revealing that they may have been underestimating exposures all along

"This study of Fukushima health hazards is the first to be published in a scientific journal. It raises concerns, and strongly suggests that health studies continue, to understand the true impact of Fukushima in Japan and around the world. Findings are important to the current debate of whether to build new reactors, and how long to keep aging ones in operation."

Read the full story here

IJHS website here


  1. so sad ... for the whole world. sharing your Geiger counter pages at the Radiation Monitoring thread at Reality Check,24.0.html

  2. Your links are not working. Sacramento Bee link is dead and IJHS article is refering to an article how traces of Strontium from nuclear tests (done in 60s) can be found from deceased.


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