Saturday, April 2, 2011

Celebratory pics of U.S. barge arriving with fresh water in Fukushima

TEPCO is also reportedly requesting to use these ships as storage after they pump the radioactive water out of the plant. Good luck with that request, or with finding  crew who are willing to man the vessel.


  1. This brings up the question no one seems to be asking. Where do they plan on dumping all of this contaminated water?

  2. I read about an idea to use huge floating containers to keep the radioactivity offshore, but that's about it. One thing we can be sure of - there will be an ongoing shitload of it, and it will probably exceed both the capacities and financial abilities of TEPCO. Dumping it in the ocean and relying on current dispersal may be the only feasible choice, as scary as that seems? In any case, i can't figure out if they are soliciting help because of a lack of equipment, or if they are behaving like a bunch of corporate tightwads. Reports of a lack of dosimeters, garbage bags as protection for feet, the request to sequester the u.s. barge... come on. Japan is a wealthy country. I hope these guys are truly committed and willing to spend the money to get this problem solved before it reaches a tipping point.