Monday, March 28, 2011

Live Tokyo Radiation Readings As Of March 27

From a local resident who is nice enough to blog his readings daily, for concerned people like us

"2010-03-27 16:14: 32 micro-Roentgens/h (~34 cpm). 0.363 micro-Sieverts/h. Location: Kita-ku, Tokyo. Weather: Clear, winds from the north west. Still about 2x normal for this area but down since last time. Safe."

Tokyo has been very fortunate that winds have been blowing out to sea for virtually the entire crisis.  The recent absence of venting from the reactors has also provided a huge break for the immediate Fukushima area.  I hope this combination of circumstances continues until the reactors are under control.

Now for some math:  Using the high-end figure on his geiger counter and assuming a constant rate of exposure, his readings come out to about 318 millirem per year.  This is an acceptable yearly dose, but it doesn't leave much leeway for additional exposures incurred by medical exams and airline travel.  This is why the EPA recommends limiting a person's exposure beyond background radiation to about 100 mrem per year from all sources.  It is recommended that the general population not exceed 500 mrem/yr (5millisieverts/yr), in total.

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