Friday, April 1, 2011

It looks more and more like TEPCO may go with the entombment option

The U.S. is shipping "The world's largest concrete pump" with a 70 foot boom to japan

From the Augusta Chronicle:

"The bottom line is, the Japanese need this particular unit worse than we do, so we're giving it up," said Jerry Ashmore, whose company, Augusta-based Ashmore Concrete Contractors, Inc., is the concrete supplier for the MOX facility.

The 190,000-pound pump, made by German-based Putzmeister has a 70-meter boom and can be controlled remotely, making it suitable for use in the unpredictable and highly radioactive environment of the doomed nuclear reactors in Japan, he said."

They are basically donating it and will not be able to use it again because "It will be too hot to come back"

I don't have the source for who created this image, but it's great!

LA Times: "Bad idea"

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  1. I have NOT any info about them pouring BORON on to the site as yet. That is needed before the concrete gets on it. Also the Japanese must think of a way to put a layer of LEAD casing on the tomb, then layers of concrete over it and repeat the process several times.