Thursday, August 29, 2013 calculates the movement of debris and radiactive water originating from Fukushima

This helpful website uses ocean current data to track the path of a hypothetical object floating on the ocean's surface to see how it travels over a period of time. Considering the fact that diluted radioactivity in water flows along with the rest of the pacific current, this gives us an idea when tainted water from the Fukushima area will arrive at the west coast of the U.S. Just point your cursor near the Fukushima coast of Japan and observe the graphic and time-frame.

The model doesn't differentiate behavior of currents at various depths, however, so it would be terribly presumptuous to conclude most of the tainted water from Dai-chi would be flowing as the website's animation shows. We now know that much of the cesium and strontium spilling into the sea quickly deposit along the ocean floor just off the coast of Japan.

I suspect that amounts of radioactivity arriving from Fukushima will be negligible and nearly undetectable; though technically, it can be spoken of as contaminating the west coast.

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