Thursday, September 8, 2011

Regarding the Fukushima worker who recently died of acute leukemia...

Since the worker was an employee of a subcontractor, who, in turn, was operating under a different subcontractor at the plant, and understanding full well Tepco's nature to understate bad news, it's no surprise that the company has swept the incident under the rug without providing hardly any information to the public.  Here is what's being disclosed:
  • The worker was a male, in his 40's
  • He was engaged in "radiation control" work starting in "early August"
  • Tepco was informed on August 16 from a subcontractor that a worker had died
  • "Acute Leukemia" is the diagnosis provided
There are three basic types of acute leukemia, but Tepco did not get into specifics.  If what they are saying is true, then this guy came down with all the symptoms of either acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia or acute mylogenous leukemia during his very brief 3 week tenure at Daiichi and died during the early onset of the disease.  Reports have not indicated that he had a preexisting condition with the cancer.  Freak coincidence?

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