Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fukushima live feed - Steam coming from reactors 3 and 4

Composition unknown

Edit:  Image below from a few minutes ago is showing continuous smoke/steam from what appears to be unit 2.  Units 3 and 4 are spewing intermittently, and the smoke/steam seems to be coming from the spent fuel pool in unit 4.  After scouring around the net, i can find absolutely no info from Tepco or any other news sources on this activity.  Normal as of late?

Light from fire? observed earlier this morning:

Visibility is absolutely abyssmal in the area and probably due to the seasonal yellow sand that blows in from China this time of year.  It has been affecting most of Japan already.  Recent pic below.


  1. I appreciate your updates very much. Thank you!

    Other sites are interpreting the "steam" as smoke.

    Do you have any reason to think steam over smoke?

    Either way, it must be the spent fuel pool. Steam could mean a hydrogen explosion is imminent, which would be very bad in #4...

    thank you!

  2. With all the water dousing going on, i assumed it was steam. Could very well be a fire going on as other observers are speculating. It was a quick post on my part, and in all honesty, i hadn't given the matter enough thought to make the distinction.