Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tepco kicks its PR up a notch - Their latest update is nicely visual and illustrative

The update also includes (with illustration):  Plant parameters, measures to be taken for water removal, countermeasures to limit airborne distribution of isotopes, and data from various samples including vegetables, milk and soil.  All readings outside the plant are easily confirmed by measurements obtained from objective sources.  We all have no choice but to take Tepco's word with exposure information gathered within the plant itself.

View the pdf here

That facebook dude in possession of his own geiger counter is reading 0.166 μSv/h in a park in Kita-ku, Tokyo. Those recently blowing southbound and inland winds have not manifested higher readings just yet, as far as i can tell.

Fukushima fallout is constantly being detected in Korea

French company Areva cashes in on the radioactive water removal effort, will start in May

Heat stroke is affecting plant workers who are wearing suits in non air-conditioned areas

Fukushima nuke workers at risk of depression, overwork death

'Invisible' deaths continue at evacuation shelters

No recent update from the PNRI as of 8:00am this morning, perhaps due to negligible readings/holy week schedule

No wonder they are getting heat stroke

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