Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reactor #1's temperature was apparently at 132°C yesterday, is down to about 107°C after rate of water injection is increased to 10 tons per hour

Seems like someone is trying to subdue the urgency of this situation by describing the increased water injection effort as 'experimental', when in actuality, they are attempting this out of desperation and have no choice. Reactor temps are soaring.  From NHK:

On Wednesday morning, the utility increased the amount of water injected into the No.1 reactor from 6 tons per hour to 10 tons per hour on an experimental basis.

As a result, the temperature at the top of the reactor was 107.3 degrees Celsius Thursday morning, down 24.7 degrees from before the water increase. The temperature at the bottom of the reactor had dropped 12 degrees to 98.5 degrees Celsius.
If you want an idea how historically hot these temperatures currently are, take a look at the chart below.  I have no idea why there have been no updates since 4/20.  


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