Saturday, April 30, 2011

Current radiation level update for the Philippines via personal geiger counter

Finally.  Procuring this geiger counter proved to be one of the most frustrating experiences in recent memory, but it has at long last arrived this morning.  I may not be posting photographic updates on a daily basis, but will try my best to do so at least twice a week. I will also obtain spot readings throughout the city (as opportunities arise) and share them here.
Unit: Ecotest Terra Professional

Location:  Makati, Indoors
Time of reading:  11:40 am
Value:  0.07 microSieverts per hour (70 nanoSieverts/hr)
One hour range (11:30am-12:30pm):  0.07-0.12 μSv/hr   
Water reading beta flux density (~10x10cm surface area):  0.005 (negligible)
Water reading photons:  Same range as in air values

I lack the historical radiation background level data for the Philippines, but would assume ranges comperable to Japan, Taiwan and Singapore (0.04-0.08 µSv/hr)

View the latest readings here

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  1. Put it in a sealed polyethilene bag if you plan on taking it outside. Contamination on the surface of the detector can skew your readings permanently.