Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Tepco sub-contracts to fill low-level labor positions at the plant

Here's an interesting story from JapanFocus about how certain positions are filled at Fukushima Dai-ichi. When a job has to be done, they can count on the Burakumin:

Job offers come not from TEPCO but from Mizukami Kogyo, a company whose business is construction and cleaning maintenance. The description indicates only that the work is at a nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture. The job is specified as 3 hours per day at an hourly wage of 10,000 yen. There is no information about danger, only the suggestion to ask the employer for further details on food, lodging, transportation and insurance.

Hopefully Tepco is as conscientious about monitoring these guys doses as they are with their own employees.

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  1. Here's a full copy of the documentary "Nuclear Ginza". You better watch it before they take it down. I wonder if the Ministry of Truth will try to block it?

    Remember these Burakumin stories aren't from Fukushima their stories are when nuclear power is running "properly".