Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tokyo Electric announced it would proceed Thursday spraying Kuricoat C-720G, which envelops and adheres to radioactive dust

It will be sprayed up the sides and all around reactors. If the three-week exam is successful, the spraying will continue for as prolonged a time as necessary.  Sounds like a great product that will limit the amount of radiation leaking from the plant, but it is bound to raise radiation readings there also.

I will be able to take my own measurements within a week here in the Philippines, and will update them regularly on this blog.  I will also be delighted if it becomes unnecessary to worry about the whole situation by then. We will see. Here's another idea being considered at Fukushima -

...using a tanker to ferry the highly radioactive water away from unit 2.  If this can be accomplished, they will make a lot more progress with this particular reactor.

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