Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breaking now from Kyodo news - Radiation levels at reactor 2 are highest to date

Reactor 3 is also reading very high

NEWS ADVISORY: Over 1,000 millisieverts per hour found in water at No.2 reactor

This is equal to 1 sievert per hour = 100 REM per hour.

Nuclear power plant workers are able to withstand up to 250 mSv per year (25 rem/yr) before radiation begins to present adverse health effects, in terms of statistical incidence of cancer.

There is no way they can sustain efforts to cool reactor number 2 under these circumstances.  This is a terminal dose in about 4 hours time. Keep in mind that readings are primarily beta contributions which travel short distances and are coming from h20 that is leaking from an undisclosed location.  Readings in air haven't been updated yet.

Update: The LATimes has clarified 1000 millirem/hr "in air", which makes working conditions even worse

Wind forecasts for Monday March 28 are not favorable for the Philippines (select japan wide streamlines to view the entire region)

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