Saturday, October 8, 2011

A third worker at Fukushima dies after being there just 46 days

As expected, TEPCO is not releasing the name of the employee.  They are also claiming that radiation exposure is probably not the cause of death.
"The most recent victim had been working at the plant for 46 days installing a tank that will be used to process contaminated water pumped from damaged reactor buildings.

Reports said he had worked three hours a day and had been exposed to a total of 2.02 millisieverts [mSv] of radiation, well below the 100mSv per year level at which, experts say, the risk of cancer increases.

Over the past six months, thousands of "nuclear gypsies"– many of them poorly paid, inexperienced labourers hired by Tepco sub-contractors – have taken part in the hazardous job of repairing and clearing the plant."
Something doesn't seem right about these recent deaths. It's not like they fell from the roof of a building or got electrocuted. Both were working under highly radioactive circumstances, both had fallen ill on site and both basically dropped dead just days later.

Read the full story at The Guardian here

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  1. Who can trust Tepco after their numerous lies ?.

    I finally found out why the plant exploded in March.

    Reasons for explosion so far:
    - Hydrogen explosion [not possible, hydrogen stacks working].
    - Steam explosion [Not possible, nothing to contain the pressure].
    - fission from Spent Fuel pool [Not possible,spent rods will burn but non-fissile. A Gundersen was wrong!.]