Saturday, May 14, 2011

That sludge radioactivity problem in Japan is apparently ongoing; more highly radioactive amounts were recently detected in Gunma Prefecture

Sludge treatment facility

First back in March, it was Koto Ward that shipped out sludge just buzzing with radioactivity at 170,000 Bq/kg.  Then in that same month, two other Tokyo Wards reported intense radioactivity coming from incinerator ash in the range of 100,000 to 140,000 Bq/kg.

This past Friday, a water sanitation facility in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture detected radioactive Cesium at levels of 41,000 Bq/kg coming from incinerator ash that the water facility had collected earlier that week.  Monitoring is ongoing.

I hope the Japanese government will start dose monitoring these waste water treatment facility employees, because these circumstances may put them at risk of considerable exposure.  Ash gets easily airborne, travels everywhere in particulate form and poses a seriously risk of inhalation and ingestion to those exposed.

Not to mention the exposure dangers for employees who are loitering next to a truckload of sludge.

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Another 6.2 earthquake near the area of Fukushima

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  1. According to this article there are 62 sewage plants in the region. I guess everybody will just have to hold it in for next few decades.