Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The live streaming geiger counters located in Japan have some crazy range, jumpy behavior

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Most of the readings from the locations above are usually within normal limits, save the Fukushima stream (bottom center).  There are times, however, when i notice massive 50-100% increases in levels within a very short time frame.  Just earlier today, i saw the Fukushima GC shoot up from the .30 level all the way above 1.5, bounce around erratically for a time, and then resume it's normal range of .20-.50.  A few of the Tokyo locations will occasionally increase or decrease 50% on a dime.

Observations with my unit here in the Philippines are steady rates that change in small increments (.01-.02 at the most).  Not much jumpiness at all, though indoors tends to read slightly higher than outdoors.  Although readings may be comparable here as with certain areas in Japan, there is definitely a different sort of stasis and dynamic with the air here vs there, and it's obvious.  The radioactivity in the air there is causing the volatility in readings.

If you want an appreciable exposure rate in Japan, you're better off obtaining a cumulative over a 24 hour period and dividing it up to get an average hourly rate.  The range is pretty nuts.


  1. EX-SKF's blogger has come across some interesting independent radiation readings in Tokyo. These readings are at odds with the official numbers for Tokyo because official readings are done at one site (for the entire metropolis) 18 meters above the ground. The unofficial numbers are taken 1 meter off the ground at various places around the city (where most people do their walking).

    I guess if you don't look past the end of your nose then everything is safe.


  2. Nothing crazy about it. The Japanese are seeing spikes of iodine and maybe some other short-lived stuff, you are not. Higher rate indoors may be due to your house being made of concrete w/fly ash in it, or granite stone or something like that.